I received the Typhoon you sent as a warranty ball. I could not be more impressed and have been telling everyone about lane one. Actually, I get a lot of questions about my new ball, as the worst I have done is a 618 series, with most around 650. I had a 180 average. I went on line to purchase two more Typhoons so I could stock up so I still have when you stop making them.

Dean Beaulieu

   My good friend Mike Stewart talked me into the new typhoon. I threw it for the first time in the league championship roll-off on Wednesday night. My average is 200. With the typhoon I shot 218, 277, 257 for a 750 scratch. Great Ball...congratulations to you folks on a great product. My first Lane 1 product ever and certainly not my last.

Tom Graham

Just want to say thanks for the Grind/R, what a great ball! This is one of the best balls that you guys have made! This is the hardest hitting ball on the market, 2 guys in my league are wanting to get one, they figure if you can't beat'em join'em. Thanks again guys for all you do! Keep up the great work Lane 1 has the best balls on the planet.

Frank Dallas

Just wanted to share my son got a stealth bomber i got a droid pearl our birthday gifts, we got them from Gary at St. Clair lanes, he is a great guy. My son is 12 years old first set with his new ball career high 273 and 627! thanks guys for the great equipment you put out!
It is the best around.

Thank you,

Hello, my name is David Elliott.
I just got back into bowling after about twenty years.
All my equipment was old and out dated. I spoke with my brother, who is an avid bowler, and I asked him what ball I should
purchase. He recommended a lane 1. I visited a local pro shop in D'Iberville Mississippi. While looking around, I found the Lane 1
Stealth Bomber. I purchased the ball and started bowling on a league back in January of 2013. I am the only bowler who uses a
Lane 1 bowling ball on my league. I finished the league with about a 190 average. I started the summer league seven weeks ago
and set a 189 average. Over the last four weeks I have become more consistent and more comfortable with the the Stealth Bomber.
On 26 June 2013, I bowled the highest series and games in have ever bowled. I was one pin off of my first 300 game. I hit a 225,
267, and 267 for a series of 759 which is the highest series I have ever bowled. I thank you for making such a wonderful bowling
ball. I will never buy another name brand bowling ball again.

Thank You,
David Elliott

Jeffrey Cenido,
Aloha Lane 1 staff,
There's a joke going around with my friends and I about lane 1. You see I am the type that doesn't like to be part of the crowd (storm, roto grip). So of course when DV8 came out I had immediately jumped on their products. I entered a league with my friend and for several weeks we would argue which is the better company. I finally gave in and drilled up a Bloody Panther. All I can is that the sky is the limit for me. I have not thrown a ball that hits the pocket so hard or gave me much pin action either. I finally shot my first 270 game. From there my confidence has gone through the roof. Since then i have drilled up a Maxxx Curve and the Tsunami H2O. I haven't looked back since. I have shot a bunch of 600's, 280 game, a couple of 260's as well. Your products are simply the best I have ever experience. I guess you can say I DV8'd away from all other brands. Love what you make and please keep up the good work!!!

Honolulu HI

Robert Murray,
I'll just keep this short and sweet. I purchased the droid about 3 weeks ago and just absolutely love the ball. I'm a 205 average bowler and
this is probably the nastiest ball I have thrown hands down!!! I just bowled my 2nd 300 game last night at Grafton Lanes in Ohio.
I only see Lane #1 in my future.

Thanks much

Robert Murray

Posted by John
Impressed with RIPSAW!!!
I got a RIPSAW drilled last night, and I must say I am very impressed. It's the first lane 1 ball I drilled since the pink panther and dam does this ball roll great! So great in fact Beans (my ball driller) looked at me and said why the hell did you stop drilling Lane #1 stuff. 256-234-226 out of the box with it! On fresh wooden lanes.
Ball was clean thru the fronts and once it made the turn it wasn't stopping. Just the reaction I love!!! Great ball Lane #1.

Jason Curtis:

Well, 12 weeks since 'adopting' Maxxx here are the final numbers: 8 weeks with 600+ series', 4 250+ games, average/game 198 (up from 161 with my old Columbia 300), 1st place league finish (up from 8th after the fall season), and most importantly........AT LEAST 1 person/week coming to personally see and ask about this big hook, heavy hitting, low-flying pin causing "wonderball" that they've never heard of. Maxxx might just get a 'brother' to help me take those 600's to 700's and become a major Lane #1 marketing force here in Colorado!

Frank J krulish:
Good Evening, I just wanted to write to tell you how amazing the Curve bowling ball is. This is my first time in a few years where I have been bowling full time. After wasting money on a Mutant Cell and Storm Second Dimension I did some research and saw the Curve. I like the way it looked I like the specs and it is by far the strongest ball I have ever used and this ball is by far the most powerful ball I have ever rolled. It reads the lanes great and is now my top priority go to ball. I used storm bowling balls the past few years while bowling as an alternate and now that I am full time although about 2 months left to my league made the switch to Lane 1 and there is no comparison. The reaction, the roll and the carry I get with this ball is 100 times better than any storm ball I have thrown as well as the Mutant Cell. Thank You for the great product you have delivered. I looked forward to trying out more Lane 1 products in leagues and tournaments to come.

Joseph Shafer:
I have been using Lane #1 balls for about 4 years now. I started off with a used Uranium Buzzsaw and just recently have ended up buying a Massacre Red Death, a Cobalt Bomb, and the Curve all from R & S Pro Shop in Fresno, CA. Richard at R&S; has found me to be a full roller and yet I have in 3 months gone from a 160 average to now a 223 average just with Lane #1 balls!! I constantly get guys who are coming up asking what kind of ball I am using. Allot of people out here on the west coast have not really heard of Lane #1 so I love surprising the hell out of them with the performance of these hook monsters. I don't know if you guys offer any kind of sponsorship at all but if you do I would love to try and spread the word about these balls when I go to tournaments out here....thanks and keep it up making the big hook balls we love!!!

Doug Lankford:
I recently purchased the Lane 1 Time Bomb Black Fire! In the past I have thrown Columbia and Ebonite ball, but the Lane 1 is the best product I have owned. In the past month and a half I have increased my average from 203 to a 209. This includes numerous 600 series, 700 series and just yesterday 3-27-2011 my first sanctioned 300 game!! Thank you for making a great product and I\'m telling everyone I bowl with about this ball.

Brian Whitt:
I would just like to say that the TimeBomb BlackFire is a BEAST!!!! Ever since getting this ball my avg. on my Tues Night League has jumped 4 pins from a 186 to a 190. The last 4 weeks I have bowled a 680, 670, 595 & a 689 series with the BlackFire. This ball is one of my top 5 favorite & most versatile Lane 1 ball since I've starting throwing saws in 2004. I just wanted to thank you so much for making great equipment & keep up the awesome work.

Rick Henk:
Liberator urethane ball Just purchased a 15lb liberator Back to back 800s with the ball Do you have any plans to release another urethane in the future or should i try to get my hands on a couple more of the liberators.. First Lane 1 Ball and def not the Last. Thanks

Frank Houston
Dear Lane 1, As a disable bowler, I have been in this game for almost 50 years now, 46 of those were pretty good years with an average o about 180. The past 4 though have been quite a challenge, my average dropped all the way down to 146 until the "XXXL" came along. Mike Seymour who operates the Ormond Beach Pro Shop in Ormond Beach Fl decided to drill up one for me in a 12 lb weight as from a scooter that was the best weight for me. The first one was a definite improvement and just last week he drilled up another one with a slightly more aggressive layout and for the first time in 4 years on the lanes, I averaged 180......a great feeling for me. The reason I am writing you as well is to thank you for not just dropping a pancake weight block in it but staying with the Diamond core....even though you had to slightly modify it. I do hope that you will continue to take bowlers like myself into consideration and I look forward to being able to purchase other equipment.

Steven Mcintoch:
I just received the pink panther. Last night drilled it up with a little extra finger weight, the ball is still legal. threw it down the third board and hard. The ball reaction in the backend is unreal. It hits like nothing I have ever thrown. (like hitting the pins with a cannon ball fired out of a cannon) The pin deflection is wonderful. This ball corrects the mistakes that I make. If I hit light in the pocket inside of leaving the 4 pin, the action of this ball removes the 4 pin ( which I seem to leave allot) Thank you Lane for this style of ball. I believe that my average should improve around two or three spares a game that's puts me up about 30 or more pins! Love this ball.

Elvis Matkovic:
Dear Lane 1, Here’s a funny story. My proshop was trying to sell me a Time Bomb and I was not sure what to do. I had an old Buzz Bomb in my garage, that I haven’t used in a few years and wanted to try it, before I made a decision. To me, the core looked fairly similar to the Time Bomb, I knew the TB would be a lot stronger. So, I picked up the ball, blew the dust and cobwebs off it and tried it in practice, with about five minutes to go. As you can see, it was well worth it, 268, 278 and 279. I’m just disappointed, why I haven’t used it earlier and by the winning’s last night, the Time Bomb is being ordered.   Elvis Matkovic (Brunswick, OH), 9-17-10, All-star Pro Shop, (Wickliffe OH), Cloverleaf Lanes, (Independence OH), 825, Buzz Bomb.   Once again, your product has made a believer out of me.
Elvis Matkovic

Kevan Mahan:
To Whom it May Concern: I am a Youth and High School Bowling Coach. I have a son who is 10 years old right now and at the beginning of the 2009-2010 bowling season I had him in a 12 lbs. Black Widow Venom. He bowls allot and his average was around 145 to 150. I decided that is was time to get him a new ball and I am very happy with my lane 1 equipment so I decided to get him a Lane 1 gemstone. He had gotten to were he was over powering the 12 pound so I bumped him up to a 14.3 lbs with a 3.00 Top Weight and a 4 inch Pin Out.....Had it drill long and strong and did we ever get that. He is what you would consider a cranker, with the new ball he rolled more consistent. With this new ball he has roll a 268, several 240's and countless 200. he had qualified in the Prep Division for the Bowler of the year tourney which was held 4-18-2010. He rolled a 560 and won 3rd being the youngest in that age group. Thank you for your OUTSTANDING equipment. His Name is Dustan Mahan

David Willard:
Lane #1 staff,
            The Curve is now on my phenomenal list…805 on Tuesday….794 Wednesday night.  It reminds me of my EU, only it hits harder.  I have a video of the 279…but the file is huge.  I will edit to make it bite size.  It is a pretty easy sell when numbers are coming up like this night after night.  Bart Loe had 269, 289, and then started getting tapped Friday night.  He is throwing Red and Blue death combo.  The kid is a good bowler and shoots quite a few local tournaments.  My son and I bowl in Fort Wayne tonight.  It will be his first with the curve on these lanes.  We will see how he does.

  Tanisha Burris:
Hi there! Thought I would drop you a line and let you know that I shot 300 with the Curve this past weekend that was recommended and drilled by Scott Brunner at Brunner\'s Pro Shop in Kalamazoo Michigan. I have tweaked the cover a bit to customize it to the conditions in my area. Started by cutting to 2000 abralon then repolishing followed by a hit with 1200 sand paper. Box finish required cleaner back ends, with this finish playing the the mud is much easier. Great ball keep 'em coming! Thanks,