Buzzsaw/C "Carbide"


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The Buzzsaw /C


Has the sharpest teeth ever surrounding a Buzzsaw bowling ball with it's new "Carbide Particle Formula" coverstock. With the perfect combination of LANE #1's patented diamond core & new "CPF" cover, the Buzzsaw /C "Carbide" cuts through more oil, out hooking & striking all competitors. The new Buzzsaw /C "Carbide" hits harder while scoring more consistently, giving you the confidence needed to win!

  For bowlers not in need of a 16lb. ball, Lane #1's 14 & 15 lighter weight "Carbide" Saws come fully packed with the 16lb. ball core, power boosting these light-weights for optimum performance. This feature available first & only from Lane #1.


Lane #1 cares about your game and  committed to designing the highest scoring balls possible. Good luck with your new "Buzzsaw" and thank you for choosing Lane #1.

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