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Are you ready for the speed and power of the new G-Force?
   Lane #1 unveils it's all new W.A.S. core, featuring a new warped asymmetrical symmetrical design unmatched by the competition. This high energy W.A.S. diamond produces a mass bias not found in any symmetrical core design.
   All this energy inside of our lane gripping solid Detonator coverstock cuts through the heaviest oils, then pulls an unforeseen amount of G's the pins can't withstand when cornering down the lane.
   Light years ahead of the competition, how many G's can you handle?

G-Force Ball Path

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Lane #1 G-Force Rap

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  • Color: Solar Red Swirl
  • Cover Stock: Detonator TM
  • Core: W.A.S. Patented Diamond
  • Hook Rating: 115 out of 120 max
  • Backend Hook: 75%
  • Flare Potential: 5+
  • Pin Placement: 12 O clock 1-5 out
  • Construction: Modified 2-piece
  • Finish: 10 Micron Dull
  • Available Weights: 12, 13, 14, 15, & 16lb.


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