Axis Finder
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Our new axis finder is easiest way to spin
 the ball and find your axis point.

1. Trace your track or oil ring closest to thumb and farthest from fingers with a wax pencil.

2. Place ball in Axis Finder with the track side down.

3. Spin and move the ball until there is no wobble in the pencil line.

4. Mark the top of the ball with a wax pencil. That point is your axis point.

5. Draw a horizontal line from the center of your bridge, down through the center of your thumb hole.



6. Draw a perpendicular line from the center of your grip, extending out past your axis point.

7. Draw a line from your axis point, perpendicular to the previous line, (your midline).

8. Measure the distance from the center of your grip, over to where your axis point crosses that line.

9. Now measure up (or down) the distance to your axis point. These are the over and up measurements of your axis point.


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