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Keep grime & oil off your ball during play.

Soft, absorbent 100% Cotton


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"Secret Sauce"
Size Price
8 oz.
4 oz.
2 oz.
$  8.95

Premium Bowling Ball Polish

Get your Buzzsaw Clean
with a polish made by Lane #1

Nuff said...

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Axis Finder
Spin the ball and find your axis point.


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*Right and left hand sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL.
 *Super Grip Palm & Fingers
*Durable Cowhide Leather
*Adjustable Wrist Strap
*Vented Spandex Back
*Superior Styling and Comfort
*Maximum Grip for Better Control
*Smooth to the Touch
*Tacky to the Ball
Gravity Balance System

This system is specially designed for axis and leverage weights. You will be able to enhance the performance, predict the reaction, duplicating this from ball to ball.

Not For Sale to the general public.

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