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Posted by ken marsullo on November 03, 2000 at 19:30:21:

well, The carbide, raspbery, and silver, and pretty much every lane ball are about as good as they get, in different aspects (the silver, a pearl with soft, big hooking shell, even in oil, the raspberry, smooth, consistent early roll with nice energy and snap on the back, and the carbide original smooth all the way down, predictable but big hook, gets thru heads, and hits harder than anything, the perfect ball, I would say- and all have lane ones 2nd to none awesome hitting power.. however, the question presented was what we would like to see in the next lane one ball or two??

I would have to say balls that compliment the buzzsaws that already exist .. I frankly dont think that much can be improved on what is already out, but possibly a straghter, more controllable pearl or particle (which I understand they are working on as we speak, anyway) , for 2nd shift conditions , not as straight as a pearl beast, per say, but possibly with the length of a pearl and ability to get thru heads and spotty oil thru 2nd shift, but with the smoothness of a urethane (which i would say the carbide, with the correct drilling , will do anyway) - and 2. possibly a mid to lower price range line, to compliment what they have now, although I am not sure that a lower line would include the patented weight block, as you definately get every bit that you pay for now with their product.. Would the lower price be worth the potential loss of quality in a near perfect product which exists now? that remains to be seen ...

anyway, good luck and good bowling

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