Next ball should be..:

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Posted by Smallest Unit on July 31, 2001 at 16:56:12:

Next ball should be..:
What type of ball you would like to see Lane #1 come out with in the future?

A. Does not hook

B. Goes long hooks hard

C. Rolls early and even

D. Hook monster

E. Other / specify

I would like to see lane #1 develope a ball for "high rev" bowlers. A lot of other companies have attempted this using XLR (extended length resin) covers with low flare cores. The problem with these balls are that they are very inconsistant. With any little bit of oil on the lanes they are "squirty" or tend to skid. Would it be possible to create a low flare ball using the weaker XLR, but adding a small amount of particles? Thus creating a little more consistant ball that still doesn't hook a ton.

2. ) Color

I'm partial to very dark colors... dark blue or black are always great.

3.) Pearl or Solid

Again I am partial to pearlized equipment. In fact, most everything I own is pearlized.

4.) ??

I guess this is the naming part? Maybe the the chain saw??? You've got me here??? :-)

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