Year:   15-11,   10-09,   08,   07,   06,   05-04,   03-02,   01-1994
Mike Huffman 1/7/15 Lansing, KS Strike Zone 823 Ripsaw
John T. Dailey 10/7/14 Jacksonville, AR Little Rock AFB 813 Typhoon Pearl
Marc Tolson 9/26/14 Crofton, MD Crofton Bowling Center 803 CrankR Pearl
Ken Pfeiler 6/24/14 North Ridge, OH Brunswick Zone 804 Typhoon
Patrick Lacy 6/18/14 Limerick, PA Limerick Lanes 812 Silver Diamond, XL, Hybrid Dirty Bomb
Marco Inga 4/19/14 Pessano, ITALY Della Martesana Milan 867 H2O
Kyle Johnson 4/15/14 Greencastle, IN A-n-J Bowl 836 Gemstone
Brandon Marcotte 3/31/14 Lewiston, ME    d/b Competitive Edge Pro Shop Sparetime Recreation 815 Pink Panther
Steve Gade 3/24/14 Englewood, CO AMF Belleview Lanes 800 Typhoon
Ken Massey 3/17/14 Detroit, MI    d/b Lonnie Fields @ Winning Edge Pro SHop Renaissance Bowling Center 857 Typhoon
Ken Pfeiler 3/11/14 North Ridgeville, OH Brunswick Zone 813 Typhoon
Daniel Whitt 3/7/14 Winchester, VA    d/b Harold Nelson Orndoff Northside Lanes 803 Typhoon
Tommy Napier 3/6/14 Midlothian, VA Bowl America Southwest 820 Chainsaw Massacre
Ken Pfeiler 3/4/14 North Ridgeville, OH Brunswick Zone 828 Typhoon
Steve Shaver 3/4/14 Winchester, VA    d/b Nelsons Pro Shop Northside Lanes 824 Maxxx Curve
Pat Lacy 3/3/14 d/b Bauer Pro Shop Limerick Bowl 824 Carbide LRG
Marty Sanders 2/27/14 Windsor, Canada Revs Bowlero 823 Grind
Syuichi Takahashi 2/18/14 Tokyo, Japan Round 1 834 GrindR
Tim Dennis 12/26/13 Clearfield, PA Clearfield Lanes 808 Maxxx Curve
Jeff Brown 11/19/13 Hermitage, TN Hermitage Lanes 812 Golden Nugget
Richard Huyrn 11/13/13 d/b Mike Savoia Kenmore Lanes 816 Bloody Panther
John Vershum 10/31/14 Fallon, NV Oasis Bowl 815 Buzzbomb Carnage
Ken Pfeiler 10/25/13 North Ridge, OH Brunswick Zone 811 Maxxx Curve
John Vershum 10/13/14 Fallon, NV Oasis Bowl 809 Buzzbomb Carnage
Matt Mahon 10/8/13 Myrtle Beach, SC Waccamaw Lanes 804 Grind
Eric Whitt 5/17/13 Winchester, VA    d/b Harold Nelson Orndoff Northside Lanes 830 Grind/R
Patrick Lacy 5/6/13 Limerick, PA Limerick Lanes 812 Hybrid Dirty BOmb
Ken Pfeiler 4/19/13 Elyria, OH Brunswick Zone 802 Maxxx Curve
Tim Dennis 4/18/13 Clearfield, PA Clearfield Lanes 852 Pink Panther
Jesse Byrd 4/12/13 Cahokia, IL Redbird Lanes 806 Stealth Bomber Pearl
Roland Garcia 4/5/13 Highland, IN Plaza Lanes 810 Stealth Bomber
James Garcia 3/29/13 Highland, IN Plaza Lanes 805 BuzzBomb Carnage
Eric Witt 3/21/13 Winchester, VA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Northside Lanes 842 Bloody Panther
Eric Witt 2/22/13 Winchester, VA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Northside Lanes 812 Bloody Panther
Wayne Fleming Jr. 2/8/13 Belvidere, NJ Bel Pike Lanes 818 Black Panther
Shawn Matter 2/8/13 Sumter, SC Gamecock Lanes 800 Ripsaw
Wayne Fleming Jr. 2/4/13 Ledgewood, NJ Circle Lanes 808 Black Panther
Ken Pfeiler 1/29/13 Elyria, OH Brunswick Zone 834 Hybrid Dirty Bomb
Lanny Grimes 1/23/13 Jackson, MS Fannin Lanes 805 Stealth Bomber
Stan Chambliss 1/17/13 Youngstown, OH Boardman Lanes 850 Buzzbomb Carnage
Chad Nelson 1/12/13 Baltimore, MD Bowl America 800 Big Curve
Syuichi Takahashi 12/20/12 Tokyo, Japan Round 1 817 Ripsaw
Michael Wigal 11/12/12 Louisville, KY    d/b Mike Wigal @ Fern Bowl Kingpin Lanes 831 Ripsaw
David Stojak 11/11/12 Prattsville, AL Bama Lanes 873 Pearl Stealth
Travis Jackson 11/3/12 Milwaukee, WI    d/b Bill Monce AMF Bowlero 807 Pearl Panther
Larry Warren 10/26/12 Memphis, TN Winchester Bowl 809 Ripsaw
TJ Sammons 10/24/12 Kahoka, MS    d/b Hanging 10 Pro Shop Kahoka Bowl 802 BuzzBomb Carnage
Richard Huryn 10/17/12 Kenmore, WA    d/b Mike Savioa @ Precision Pro Shop Kenmore Lanes 802 BuzzBomb Carnage
Ken Pfeiler 10/16/12 Elyria, OH Brunswick Zone 804 BuzzBomb
Eric Whitt 9/26/12 Winchester, PA    d/b Harold Nelson Orndoff Northside Lanes 822 Black Panther
Matty King 9/13/12 Colchester, VT Sparetime Lanes 815 Black Panther
Terry Holloway 9/12/12 Fredricksburg, VA   d/b "self" Ten-in-the-Pit- Pro Shop Liberty Lanes 844 Stealth Bomber
Patrick Bryan 9/5/12 Lincoln, NE Sun Valley Lanes 827 Pearl Panther
Josef Schwehm 8/19/12 Kaiserslautern, Germany Arena Kaiserslautern 805 MAXXX Curve
Tim Wildermuth 7/26/12 Ledgewood, NJ    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Circle Lanes 801 DROID
Tim Wildermuth 7/4/12 East Stroudsburg, PA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Sky Lanes 857 Stealth Bomber
Tim Wildermuth 6/26/12 Oakwood, NJ    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Oakwood Lanes 801 Stealth Bomber
Tim Wildermuth 5/30/12 Ledgewood, NJ    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Circle Lanes 803 Pink Panther
David M Brooks 5/4/12 Plymouth, MI Plaza Lanes 805 Pink Panther
Tim Wildermuth 5/1/12 Blue Valley, PA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Oakwood Lanes 889 Pearl DROID
Tim Wildermuth 5/1/12 Blue Valley, PA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Oakwood Lanes 848 DROID
David Stojak 4/24/12 Prattville, AL    c/o McCorvey's Pro Shop Bama Lanes 800 Curve
Jordan Maynard 4/19/12 Colchester, VT Spare Time Lanes 859 DROID
Jeff Poston 4/9/12 Winchester, VA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Northside Lanes 817 MAXXX Curve
Tim Wildermuth 4/5/12 Blue Valley, PA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Summerville Lanes 839 Pearl DROID
Wayne Fleming Jr. 4/2/12 Washington, NJ    C/O Tim Wildermuth Oakwood Lanes 811 DROID
Wayne Fleming Jr. 3/30/12 Washington, NJ    C/O Tim Wildermuth Bel Pike Lanes 815 DROID
Dave Peterson 3/29/12 Waldorf, MD AMF Waldorf Lanes 809 DROID
Tim Wildermuth 3/29/12 Wind Gap, PA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Blue Valley Lanes 859 Pearl DROID
David Stojak 3/18/12 Prattville, AL    c/o McCorvey's Pro Shop Bama Lanes 800 Pearl Panther
Wayne Fleming Jr. 2/27/12 Washington, NJ    C/O Tim Wildermuth Oakwood Lanes 847 DROID
Tim Wildermuth 2/26/12 Blue Valley, PA    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Blue Valley Lanes 859 DROID
Arturo Chan 2/23/12 El Centro, CA Brunswick Lanes 846 GemStone
Chris Dennen 2/14/12 Danville, PA Midway Lanes 824 DROID
Tim Wildermuth 2/12/12 Blue Valley, PA Blue Valley Lanes 827 DROID
Austin Tebelman 2/11/12 Cincinnati, OH Western Bowl 803 Black Panther
Dave Peterson 1/27/12 Waldorf, MD Brunswick Columbia Lanes 813 'Blue Death'
Shawn Matter 1/24/12 Shaw AFB, SC Shaw Lanes 813 G-Force
Aaron Billingsley 1/17/12 TX Bowl El Paso 801 Pearl Panther
Kyle Cole 1/15/12 Waverly, NY Valley Bowling Center 846 Boom`R-ANG
Jerod Urban 1/6/12 Papillion, NE Papio Bowl 845 Pearl Panther
Shawn Matter 1/5/12 Shumter, SC Gamecock Lanes 802 "Red Death"
Mark Solloway 1/4/12 Wabash, IN    c/o Bowler's Depot Pro Shop    811 'Blue Death'
T.J. Sammons 12/26/11 Kahoka, MO    d/b Hanging Ten Pro Shop Kahoka Bowl 848 Pearl Panther
Andy Gilpen 12/13/11 Circleville, OH Circle D Rec 805 Tsunami H2O
Robert Spear Jr. 11/26/11 Dyer, IN    c/o Galkas Pro Shop Cressmoor Lanes 846 MAXXX Curve
Jeff Kelley 11/23/11 KY    c/o Glen's Pro Shop Cardinal Lanes 824 MAXXX Curve
Ryan Laumann 11/23/11 Waynesboro, PA Sunshine Lanes 803 Pearl Panther
Doug Lankford 11/7/11 Winchester, IN Winchester Bowl 802 Black Fire
Nathaniel Crumsey 10/26/11 OH Pickaway Lanes 804 Hybrid Dirty BOMB
Abbey Bennett 10/11/11 St. Clairsville, OH St. Clairsville Lanes 803 Dynamo
Michael Acree 9/28/11 Terre Haute, IN    c/o Seaside Pro Shop CA Imperial Lanes 801 Boom`R-ANG
George Ongkeko 7/7/11 Pasig City, Philippine Greenvalley Country Club 811 Curve
Tim Wildermuth 6/27/11 Wind Gap, PA Blue Valley Lanes 878 Pink Panther
Randall Harville 5/23/11 Atlanta, GA    d/b RAH Pro Shop Metro Lanes 824 Tsunami H2O
S. Ponte 5/22/11 FL Seminole Lanes 824 Buzzsaw XXXL
Rob Danzuso 5/19/11 B & R Bowling d/b Bill Weber Playmor Bowl 810 Black Panther
Derek Johnson (Youth) 5/8/11 Salem, OR AMF Firebird Lanes 803 Pink Panther
Jeff Kelley 5/3/11 Paducah, KY Cardinal Strike & Spare 835 Black Cherry BOMB
Tim Wildermuth 5/2/11 Oakwood, NJ Oakwood Lanes 868 Pink Panther
Craig McClure 4/6/11 Wabash, IN c/o Bowlers Depot Pro Shop Cannonball Lanes 811 Curve
Daniel Luszcz 3/25/11 Johnsburg, IL    d/b Brian Flynn @ Palace Pro Shop Raymond's Bowl 803 DYNAMO
Tim Wildermuth 3/22/11 Oakwood, NJ Warren Lanes 858 Black Fire
Andre Moore 3/16/11 Fort Wayne, IN Thunder Bowl Lanes 825 - Agent Orange -
Richard Blue V  (14) 3/13/11 Sioux Falls, SD Suburban Lanes 806 'Blue Death'
Ryan Alley 3/12/11 Macon, GA    d/b Tommy Lamb @ Tommy's Pro Shop Gold Cup Bowl 800 Pearl Uranium
Tim Wildermuth 3/8/11 Oakwood, NJ Oakwood Lanes 801 Curve
Ben Hykes 3/2/11 Frederick, MD Terrace Lanes 803 Big Curve
David Stojak 2/27/11 Prattville, AL    c/o McCorvey's Pro Shop Bama Lanes 800 BuzzBOMB/R
Alan Hammond 2/18/11 Allen Park, MI Thunderbowl Lanes 817 Pink Panther
Travis Jackson 2/16/11 Menomonee Falls, WI     d/b Kris Mueller @Village Bowl pro shop Village Bowl 811 Black Fire
Brandon Suddarth 2/16/11 Ft. Wayne, IN Pro Bowl West 825 Pink Panther
Brian Cox 2/15/11 Fulton, MS Itawamba Thunder Bowl 825 *`TimeBomB
Charles H Chaplain IV 2/13/11 Linden, PA    d/b Beans Pro Shop Harvest Moon Lanes 800 BuzzBOMB/R
Tracey Gregory 2/10/11 Berkeley Springs, WV    d/b Nelson's Pro Shop Berkeley Springs Bowlerama 805 Black Fire
Danny W Shouse 2/9/11 Georgetown, KY Galactic Bowl 800 Chainsaw Massacre
David Perot 2/7/11 Shreveport, LA All Star Lanes 800 Curve
David Stojak 2/2/11 Prattville, AL Bama Lanes 800 'Blue Death' & BuzzBOMB/R
Jerry Boyer 1/30/11 Lebanon, PA Palmyra Lanes 802 (1st) TSUNAMI H20
John Fullenwider 1/19/11 Anchorage, AK    d/b In The Pocket Pro Shop Center Bowl 825 Pink Panther
Paul Watkins 1/16/11 Morton, IL Safari Bowl 812 DYNAMO
Andy Bernard 1/11/11 Wichita, KS   d/b "self" @ Ten In The Pit Pro Shop West Acres 823 Black Fire
Brian Cox 1/11/11 Fulton, MS. Itawamba Thunder Bowl 803 Black Fire
Chris Freel 1/10/11 Toms River, NJ    c/o Carter's Pro Shop Brunswick Lakewood Lanes 824 Black Fire
James Jones 1/5/11 Daley City, CA Classic Bowl 800 Starburst XXXL
Ashton Laine 1/4/11 Antioch, CA Delta Bowl 833 *`TimeBomB